Reversing the Curse (Genesis 3:16-24)

“At the very moment of the fall, God is working for human redemption.” -Justo Gonzalez The Bible is an epic story. It is a historical narrative of redemptive history which tells the true story of God redeeming His chosen people. This is true for Genesis just as it is for the Gospels. The inspired andContinue reading “Reversing the Curse (Genesis 3:16-24)”

A Strange Verse with a Powerful Promise (Genesis 3:1-15)

Did you know the Gospel was first preached by God? He proclaimed the good news to the first man and woman right after they sinned (Read Genesis 3:1-15)? Most people understand the big idea in Genesis 3. There, we have Adam and Eve sinning against their Creator. Due to the temptation of Satan, the prohibitionContinue reading “A Strange Verse with a Powerful Promise (Genesis 3:1-15)”

Made for Stewardship (Genesis 2:1-17)

“This is what you were made for!” Whether it is said of a player during a critical point in the game or of a teacher enjoying their vocation in the classroom, such a statement feeds the importance of purpose. However, without understanding who we are, we cannot know what our purpose is. That is whyContinue reading “Made for Stewardship (Genesis 2:1-17)”

In the Beginning, God (Genesis 1:1-25)

In a recent episode on television, two characters share their view of God. One utters their view of God is as a vengeful and wrathful deity. The other character quickly asserts their view of God is not as an angry divinity. Rather, they see God as a loving and forgiving God. So, who is right?Continue reading “In the Beginning, God (Genesis 1:1-25)”