Ministries Worth Mentioning: Women in the Word Gift Shop

Entrusted By God desires to equip everyday people to live as faithful stewards in an entitled culture. One of the means we accomplish this mission is by supporting and sharing about ministries who are faithful to Scripture and committed to serving the Lord and others. The “Ministries Worth Mentioning” series serves that purpose. In this edition, we introduce you to WOMEN in the WORD Gift Shop.

About WOMEN in the WORD Gift Shop

Jenny Kessel created WOMEN in the WORD Gift Shop because she had a dream and commitment to uplift, inspire, and encourage Christian women. In her gift shop, women can shop for quality products that provide daily reminders of our Lord Jesus Christ. WOMEN in the WORD is a gift shop where you can find gifts for your sisters in Christ and to be inspired in your Christian walk. Jenny, along with her mother, has created many of the designs you will come across as you peruse the gift shop. The list of products includes apparel (in both English and Español), stationery, mugs, jewelry, and other items with unique style and original designs.

How WOMEN in the WORD Gift Shop Stewards Well

This desire of Jenny’s to provide a gift shop and service for women comes from an understanding of the gift God has entrusted to her. In her own words, “The Lord has given me a gift to encourage others and I have always wanted to use that gift in a way that would make an impact on the world and bring glory to Him.” With this mission in mind, she also seeks to highlight the talent of domestic artists. What she and her mother do not design themselves, they entrust to upcoming Christian artists.

Yet, the witness of good stewardship from WOMEN in the WORD Gift Shop does not stop there. They support causes which reflect their mission. This support includes 1% of their profits each quarter being donated to one of their causes. In case you are curious, here are the causes WOMEN in the WORD Gift Shop supports:

  • Bside U For Life
  • Thorn
  • Highview Baptist Church
  • Life Changers Outreach

If you would like to read more about these causes, click here.

How You Can Support WOMEN in the WORD Gift Shop

As Jenny and WOMEN in the WORD have been faithful stewards with the gift shop, please consider how you can support this great ministry. To prod you along, think of support in terms of purchasing and spreading.

Check Out and Purchase Gifts for the Women in Your Life

There is SO much in this shop that it would be hard to mention in this post the great selection of gifts available. Please check out the store’s collection here so you can search and see what type of gift you would be interested in purchasing. That said, it is worth highlighting one of the creative gifts that could be for a man or a woman: the hymn board (see left). The creative designs of these hymn boards make them an excellent gift for the hymn lover in your life.

NOTEWORTHY: Due to the effects of the Coronavirus, WOMEN in the WORD Gift Shop has taken a hit and needs a boost. The gift shop is currently running a campaign which ends on May 7. For a reasonable price, you can purchase a “Daughter of the King” T-shirt for the woman in your life, men, or for the women in your friendship circles, ladies. If you want to contribute to this worthy campaign, you can click on the following link: WOMEN in the WORD Gift Shop Campaign by Real Thread.

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