Book Review: The Home Team

Marriage and family have been under constant attack in our current culture. It seems not a week goes by without hearing about the so-called redefinition of marriage or the concept of a modern “family”. Yet, it is exactly in times like these we need a proper and biblical understanding of the family. Clint Archer hasContinue reading “Book Review: The Home Team”

Book Review: Can I Really Trust the Bible?

I have a friend who, in the past, would have confessed he was a Christian. Recently, things have changed. Twice in the last nine months, he has fallen away and doubted the authority of Scripture. Faced with this reality, the question “Can I really trust the Bible?” looms. Is the Bible really the word ofContinue reading “Book Review: Can I Really Trust the Bible?”

Book Review: A Vine-Ripened Life

Many of us have heard the fruit of the Spirit in Galatians 5 recited, “But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control”. However, I believe we have not really taken the time to digest what this means for our lives. That is why I am excited toContinue reading “Book Review: A Vine-Ripened Life”

Book Review: How Will The World End?

These days, it seems, many are fascinated with the end of the world. The number of apocalyptic movies is evidence of this. Even in the field of theology there is much study on end times. Yet, too often the response of all this is the “fascination mixed with confusion tinged by fear” (Rinne 7). Now,Continue reading “Book Review: How Will The World End?”

The Seminary Decision (Revisited)

In a blog post I shared last April, I announced the decision to hold off on seminary. The idea was to not go to seminary (right away). As I approach my bachelor’s degree completion with graduation this May, I have more exciting news. I was wrong! I will not be taking as big of a break asContinue reading “The Seminary Decision (Revisited)”

Why I Am Not Going To Seminary (Right Away)

These last few months have been filled with prayer and consideration. Consideration for seminary once I graduate from Bible college next spring and prayer, asking God to show me whether that is His will for me or not in this season of my life. It is only after this time of taking it before GodContinue reading “Why I Am Not Going To Seminary (Right Away)”