The Gift of ‘Something More’

It is that time of year! For high school and college graduates, it is a time of celebration. For parents of those graduates, it is a time of bittersweet joy and sadness. For both, it is a time of change. This time of change and growth into adulthood will bring new experiences and opportunities. Yet, it may also lead to thinking about the point of life. What is the purpose of my life? What is it that makes me get out of bed in the morning? Even if these graduates are not considering these questions now, somewhere down the road they will. That is why, if you know a high school or college graduate and are looking for something to give them, then consider giving them the gift of Something More. In the book Something More: Finding the Joy and Purpose of Life, Theron St. John shows how believers and skeptics alike desire to live happy, meaningful lives. In a short 50 pages, he shares the problem and solution to this common pursuit of purpose and joy. The book helps the young adult see their need to trust Jesus and to treasure Him above all! This book is a great evangelistic tool for parents and adults to use in reaching young people with the gospel. The discussion questions at the end of each short chapter work well for discipleship meetings. If you are interested in purchasing the gift of Something More for a graduate, you can order it for cheap on Amazon. If you would like to purchase a signed copy from Theron himself for $7 flat (US only), then you can either use the “Ask the Answer” page on this site to reach him or you can e-mail Theron at

Endorsements for Something More

Chrissy Colgrove, Women’s Director, Campus Outreach IUPUI

Something More: Finding the Joy and Purpose of Life is very easy to read, enjoyable, clear, and to the point. The content of the book is simple enough for a nonbeliever to understand, but has depth to challenge the believer. I even think it could work really well broken up in sections and used in an evangelistic Bible study as separate articles with questions!”



Claudine Broussard, co-author of Seeking Jesus

“Theron lays the groundwork by describing what we pursue to find happiness and purpose. Then, he takes the reader back to Eden and points him to the only One who can satisfy us. Packed with relatable stories and targeted toward young people, it is a wonderful tool for sharing your faith with friends and family.”


John Minion, College Student

“I believe Something More is a book that is both edifying to the believer and potentially enlightening for unbelievers. Theron challenges unbelievers to re-evaluate what is presumed to be sources of happiness, joy, and satisfaction. He reminds believers of our rest in Christ–by his death–we are justified and have peace with a holy God.”

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