Ministries Worth Mentioning: Morning by Morning

Entrusted By God desires to equip everyday people to live as faithful stewards in an entitled culture. One of the means we accomplish this mission is by supporting and sharing about ministries who are faithful to Scripture and committed to serving the Lord and others. The “Ministries Worth Mentioning” series serves that purpose. In this edition, we look at the ministry of Morning by Morning.

The Lord’s Mercies: Morning by Morning

In the book of Lamentations, we hear the Lord speak and work through the prophet Jeremiah. As Jeremiah laments over Israel and deals with affliction in his life, he looks to God in hope. Lamentations 3:22-23 describes the basis of this hope,

“The steadfast love of the Lord never ceases; his mercies never come to an end; they are new every morning; great is your faithfulness.”

In dark times, Jeremiah knew where to look for the light. Morning by morning the Lord’s mercies were new. It is with that hope and light Morning by Morning exists. Founded by Liz Wann (Editor in Chief), MBM (Morning by Morning) seeks to encourage and engage with people about God’s mercies by pointing them to Christ and spurring them on to the gospel. Morning by Morning accomplishes this by examining the realities of the gospel in the spheres of truth, family, and culture. Each article addresses how the gospel transforms people’s lives through one of these spheres.

A Personal Testimony

As a reader of Morning by Morning, countless articles written by people such as Liz Wann, Katie Tumino, Tommy Welty, Chelsea Stanley, and Sheila Dougal have refreshed my soul and reminded me of the truth of the gospel for all of life. If you would like to, likewise, be blessed, then head over to Morning by Morning and download the free e-book, Morning by Morning, Volume 1, which contains some of the best articles from each blog series in 2018.

By God’s grace, my interaction with Morning by Morning is not only as a reader, but I have also contributed as a writer. Last year I was introduced to the ministry through an old church friend, Katie Tumino, and was grateful to contribute to the site with three articles (links to those articles can be found below). I look forward to the future of Morning by Morning and plan to continue to contribute to this ministry as the Lord leads.

How You Can Get Involved


One of the ways you can get involved and support Morning by Morning is by writing for the site. I would encourage you to read a few of the articles on truth, family, and culture. If you believe it is a good fit for you as a writer, go to the Submissions page of the site and fill out the Submissions form.

Become a MBM Patron

But maybe writing is not a passion of yours personally or you are not sure this writing ministry is a fit for you at this time, but you still would like to support Morning by Morning in some way. If that describes you, then support MBM by becoming a patron and giving financial support. Your support of Morning by Morning goes beyond the site even. As MBM’s Patreon page says,

Morning by Morning also seeks to mentor, equip, and help Christian writers. Many large platform writing ministries turn away writers due to a large volume of submissions, lack of strong writing ability, or the submission doesn’t fit into their specific online goals; and many times, they aren’t willing to train the writers submitting articles.

We seek to be more flexible in what we publish (as long as it has a biblical focus), so writers have more of an opportunity to “get their work out there.” We strive to give more focused attention and training to those writers who need it and ask for it. Morning by Morning is for and about writers.

If you would like to know more of what it means to be a patron of Morning by Morning and what you will receive as a supporter, then check out MBM’s Patreon page here! You will not regret supporting a writing ministry so intent on serving the Lord and others!

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