A Beauty of a Bible Study on Romans 8 (Book Review)

Newbell, Trillia J. If God Is For Us: The Everlasting Truth of Our Great Salvation. Moody Publishers, Chicago, IL. 2019. 160 pages.

Where do you go for assurance of faith? Where do you turn when you struggle with that particular sin yet again? Looking back to a specific point and time will not be enough nor will looking within. The only place to go to for rest in the assurance of faith is in God as He is revealed in His Word. His everlasting love for us in Christ is where confidence rests. That is the beauty of Romans 8. That is the beauty of Trillia Newbell’s new 6-week Bible study of Romans 8, If God Is For Us: The Everlasting Truth of Our Great Salvation.

A 6-Week Study

In 6 weeks, Newbell invites the student of Scripture to join her as she makes her way through Romans 8. Along the way, the one who dives into this study will be reminded again and again of the great truths of the gospel, the life now lived in the Spirit, and the assuring truths of God’s love and glory! With an exception to the first week, the study sessions follow the same pattern, opening with an introduction and direction to read the passage for the week. Following that, a “Respond” section equips the woman (or man) to dig into the text and ask probing questions. Finally, a set of five devotionals will allow the reader to explore and meditate over the passage for Romans 8 that week, ending with reflection questions.

Encourages and Equips

The most impressive aspect about If God Is For Us is Trillia Newbell does not merely encourage Christian women with the truths of Romans 8; she also equips women (and men) to examine for themselves the truth of Romans 8. The “Respond” questions at the start of each study session ask the reader to examine that week’s passage of Romans 8 and to understand it in its context. After equipping the student of Scripture in examining the passage, Newbell encourages them with a set of 5 devotionals to explore what these biblical truths from Romans 8 mean for believers.

With such intentionality in equipping the Bible student to study Scripture, I wonder if the comment in the “About This Study” section where Newbell says, “there is freedom in how you approach God’s Word” is really necessary (Newbell 9). She does follow it up to inform the reader not all practices are equal and there are best practices for understanding God’s Word. Her point in it all is to encourage the reader to not be so hung up on how they are to approach God’s Word that they don’t end up studying it at all. I certainly understand why this encouragement is needed and even resonate with her on saying something to that effect, but I am not sure it needed to be stated in this section so as to not possibly confuse the reader. The Bible study basics listed on pages 12–15 would have been sufficient for this section’s purpose.

A Tremendous Study on a Treasured Scripture

Nevertheless, If God Is For Us by Trillia Newbell is a tremendous study on a treasured Scripture. While men can certainly be edified by this study, the illustrations in the devotionals and some of the other content makes this especially a wonderful Bible study for women. This Bible study will bless the ladies who partake in gazing upon the beauty of God in His Word.

In the end, for all who make their way through this 6-week study of Romans 8, you will be encouraged in the constant truths of our faith and confident of the salvation that comes only in Christ. The different sections of the study allow for flexibility but are ideally suited for believers to both study on their own and with others in groups! If you know someone who needs to be reminded of these constant and biblical truths or that needs the confidence of what God has done for them in Christ because of His love, then pick up a copy of If God Is For Us for them today. Even better, purchase a copy of Nebwell’s study for yourself and walk through Romans 8 together!

I received this book from Moody Publishers in exchange for this review. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own and are my honest review of the book.

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