Basic Tools and Tips for Bible Study (Book Review)

One of my greatest joys is teaching people how to study the Bible. Yet, after serving as a pastor for four years and teaching at a Bible college for three years, I have come to the conclusion that for some Christians, they need to understand what the Bible is and grasp the basics before digging deeper into Bible study. Likewise, they need something put in words they can understand and in a concise manner, so they are able to get it. That is why I am grateful for Rose Publishing’s work Bible Study Made Easy.

Sharing the Basics

In 100 pages, Bible Study Made Easy gives Bible beginners the basics to understanding the Bible and steps to studying the Bible. The book does not seek to elaborate on the nature of the Bible or the interpretation of the Bible. Instead, the book’s goal is to briefly inform the Bible student on what the Bible is, what Bible translations are, and what approach they can take as they begin to study Scripture.

Tips and Tools for Bible Study

Bible Study Made Easy is a short book full of tools and tips for Bible study. The shortness of the book is intentional, and its length is matched with its simplicity. Rather than use technical jargon, the book uses language the everyday person understands. At the same time, though, readers could have benefited if the book used technical language found in other Bible study resources, with the caveat of defining such terms. The reason for this critique is because as Bible students continue you on in their reading of Bible study, they will come across such terminology. As well, some of the summaries of the books of the Bible could have better described the content of the book (the summary for 1 Corinthians is one example).

Nevertheless, the tips on how to choose a Bible translation and on how to tackle the tough parts and passages of the Bible are immensely helpful guides for those who are starting their way through reading the Bible. While Bible students who are looking to receive further training and desire to teach the Bible will have a good grasp on some of the material in the book, they will find the resource to be a tool for their Bible study library. So whether you, as a Bible student, are looking to be refreshed in the basics of Bible study or are beginning your study of the Bible, you will find Bible Study Made Easy a valuable and basic resource!

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I received a digital copy of the book from Rose Publishing in exchange for this review. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own and are my honest review of this book.

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