A Stirring Devotional for Teen Girls (Book Review)

The teen years can be some of the most formidable years of a person’s life. Yet, they can also bring great fear as young people enter middle school and high school. They may feel insecure about themselves or isolated from others. As they struggle with their growing pains, what they need is guidance. What they need is a relationship with the one true and living God. Young Adult author Tessa Emily Hall gets this. Now a young adult, Tessa looks back at her teen years and understands the complexities and confusion teenagers face, especially teen girls. She sees the need for guidance. She knows where that guidance is found. That’s why she has written a go-to resource for guiding teen girls in God’s Word, Coffee Shop Devos: Daily Pick-Me-Ups for Teen Girls.

Creative Content

In this devotional, Tessa couples her passion for God’s Word with her love for coffee. Over the course of ten creative menu selections, such as “Mocha—Inspiration for the Soul” and “Macchiato—Healing for Heartache”, Tessa shares 180 devotionals that will stir teen girls deeper into God’s Word. Each menu selection opens up with a coffee recipe from Tessa before she takes them into a time of pouring over God’s Word. As the young ladies make their way through the devotionals, Tessa shares a Scripture to sip on. After presenting the Scripture, Tessa reflects on that particular truth from God’s Word and then invites the reader to think about, pray about it, and act upon it through a daily dare. She concludes each devotional with a shot of inspiration in the form of a quote or Bible verse and encourages the teen girl to join the convo on social media through answering the question asked and using the hashtag #CoffeeShopDevos.

A Go-To Guide for Teen Girls

Coffee Shop Devos by Tessa Emily Hall is a go-to guide for teen girls. The book’s tone is both personal and inviting. From the theme of a coffee shop to the content of the book, Tessa’s hope is to equip teen girls in meditating on God’s Word, to engage them in conversation, and encourage them to continue the conversation. This hope is realized most fully when Tessa connects truths from Scripture to life. Throughout the book, the illustrations beautifully display how the truth of God’s Word connects to daily life (for examples of such illustrations, see pages 30, 52, 66, 92, 196, and 256). Tessa also connects the teen girl who may feel isolated to the importance of being a part of the body of Christ and committing to partake in the life of the church.

Finding the Right Flavor

Yet, for all the commendations this book offers, one critique does come to the surface. To use a fitting coffee illustration, the critique is a matter of flavor. Between the various Bible translations used throughout the book and quotes taken from the broad evangelical world, there are times where I am just fine with the flavor while at other times I feel there may have been too much or too little. With all the Bible translations used, I felt it provided too much flavor and thought using a single Bible translation would have brought more consistency. On the other hand, because some of the quotes shared in this book are all over the spectrum in the evangelical world, I found some more helpful than others. To say it another way, all the different people quoted could possibly add too much flavor to the book. Some of my favorites, though were, quotes from Richard Sibbes (Hall 281), Elisabeth Elliot (Hall 295), and the like. Still, I realize just as people drink their coffee a different way and add more or less flavor, there may be some who are just fine with it.

Stirring Teen Girls in God’s Word

This lone critique does not take away from the purpose or power of this book. This book will stir teen girls in God’s Word and give them a greater thirst to study God’s Word and pursue their relationship with Jesus. From the introduction of this book to its final dare, Coffee Shop Devos is a devotional guide about pursuing a personal relationship with Jesus. Tessa Hall figuratively pulls up a chair across from the reader, sips on he coffee, and chats about what it means to have a relationship with Jesus. The value of this book is that it equips, engages, and encourages teen girls to get into God’s Word. If you know or are a teen girl looking for a go-to resource that will encourage pursuing a relationship with Jesus and developing a greater thirst for God’s Word, then this is the guide for you!

I received this book from Bethany House Publishers on behalf of the author in exchange for this review. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own and are my honest review of the book.

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