A Premier Bible Study Resource for Students (Book Review)

Hatton, Kristen. The Gospel-Centered Life in Exodus for Students. New Growth Press, Greensboro, NC. 2018. 128 pages.

As a youth pastor, one question continues to swirl around in my mind: How do we reach youth? Churches can answer this in a few different ways, but are all methods equal and effective? From my observation, I believe not. The missing link to engaging with youth is not entertainment, although sports and technology can be leveraged toward forming a relationship. The method for reaching youth is to open up the Scriptures with them as we open our lives to them, helping them see Jesus. This gives rise to the need for Bible study resources for teens that guide them through Scripture in a group setting. This need is met in The Gospel-Centered Life in Exodus for Students by Kristen Hatton.

In 12 lessons, Kristen Hatton takes notes expanded from her husband’s previously preached sermon series in Exodus to chronologically lead the student through the book of Exodus. The big idea introduced at the beginning of each study informers the student of Scripture how the particular passage of Scripture points forward to the person and work of Jesus Christ. Each study also contains an opening icebreaker and question followed by Bible conversation, an article, a discussion and exercise, and finally a wrap-up and closing prayer. Because this Bible study is meant to serve both youth leader and youth alike, a few pages in the back of the book are devoted to leader’s notes.

Living Up to The Title

The Gospel-Centered Life in Exodus for Students lives up to its title. In each lesson, the author faithfully and clearly shows how this Old Testament book points forward to the gospel while also applying the passages into the life of students. This Bible study will inform students how the gospel is displayed in Exodus and will transform them in how to live out the gospel-centered life from the book of Exodus.

Yet, this resource is not limited to students. Because of the leader’s guide, The Gospel-Centered Life in Exodus for Students is also for any youth leader or student small group leader. Most leader’s guides in studies like this give extended notes for leaders. This guide, however, offers only a brief paragraph of each section (Bible conversation, article, exercise) for each lesson. If the leader’s notes are placed in the same book as is the case here, this is the way to do it.

Students and Small Group Leaders

To return, then, to the question: How do we reach youth? We reach youth by sharing with them the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ as revealed in Scripture. This Bible study resource is the premier guide in doing just that. If you are a student who wants to study Scripture and see how all of it points to Jesus, then get your Bible and pen ready for an informative and transformative time! If you are a youth leader, parent, or any other adult who desires to reach youth with the gospel and grow them in Scripture, then pick up a copy of The Gospel-Centered Life in Exodus for Students for yourself and a student. That time spent together in the Word with this study will prove fruitful!

I received this book from New Growth Press in exchange for this review. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own and are my honest review of the book.

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