The Morning of Our Mourning: A Poem

One of the hardest realities of life is losing a loved one to death. Followers of Christ are not immune to this. By that same virtue, believers also are not told they should not grieve. As those who recognize death has entered the world because of sin, we have reason to grieve. Yet, as those who have placed their faith in Jesus Christ, our grief is not like the world’s grief. Because Jesus has defeated death, our grief is coupled with hope. Hope in Jesus because of His resurrection. Hope in Jesus for His return. While there is a time for mourning, we know that true morning is coming. The following is a poem I share in honor of loved ones who have passed into glory and for those family members who grieve such losses.

The Morning of Our Mourning

We grieve your loss with hearts that are broken

We cling to Scripture where God has spoken.

The house of mourning is a better place to be,

Because it reminds us of the death we’ll all see.

The living take these moments to heart,

As they watch loved ones die and depart.

With death, we all struggle how we are to cope,

As Christians, we have Jesus and grieve with hope.

In our lamenting, we long for what is true,

With God, every morning his mercies are new.

In this life now, our sorrows give way to mourning in the night,

But in the life to come, in morning, God will make all things right.

There will be no more death, crying, or pain,

As we find joy in Jesus, death is gain.

5 thoughts on “The Morning of Our Mourning: A Poem

  1. Brother,

    I am sorry for your losses. This is a year of big things–lots of change. And with change often comes loss. Hang in there. It is good that you are remembering the Lord and clinging to Him.

    • Gabrielle, my delight to share! I thank you for your kind words. As I meditated on passages of Scripture like Ecclesiastes 7:2, Lamentations 3:21-26, 1 Thessalonians 4:13-14, and Revelation 21:4, the Lord impressed upon my soul to share these comforting words.

  2. Beautiful words! What a comfort it is to know Jesus when death comes near. I’ll be praying for you as you grieve the loss of these friends.

    • Thank you for your kinds, Cassie! Yes, knowing that brings such comfort amidst grief. I appreciate your prayers!

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