Tell The Coming Generation (Sermon Video)

There is a well-known saying: youth are the future of the church. While I can understand the underlying sentiment, it paints an incomplete picture. Youth are not merely critical to the future life of the church; they are crucial to the current health of the church.

Recently, I preached on the importance of passing the gospel on from generation to generation. From Psalm 78:1-8, I pointed out this happens by:

  1. Hearing what God has said
  2. Handing on to the next generation what God has done
  3. Heeding the warning if we do not pass on these truths

The mission of Entrusted By God, in part, reflects this truth as we desire to equip the coming generation to steward the gospel. Within that, we see the goal of passing on the gospel is for the coming generation to place their hope in God (verses 6-7) and become a hopeful generation. I have provided the video of this message if you are interested in hearing how Psalm 78 calls us to this essential gospel work!

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