Ministries Worth Mentioning: Education Edition

Entrusted By God desires to equip Christian laypeople and young people to live as faithful stewards. One of the means of accomplishing this is through recommending sound and robust biblical training programs. This is why, in part, we are starting “Ministries Worth Mentioning” blog series. In this edition of “Ministries Worth Mentioning” series, we want to encourage you to check out these three Bible and ministry training programs and consider giving to their gospel work.

Crossroads Bible College

CBC Mission: Crossroads Bible College exists to glorify God by training Christian leaders to reach a multiethnic urban world for Christ.

Why I Give: As racial tensions continue to rise in our culture, the church needs leaders who can equip their people to sift through the culture in a Christlike manner, pursuing biblical reconciliation through GRACE relations. A Crossroads education will equip leaders to do just that!

For more information on Crossroads Bible College, check out:


Faith Bible Seminary

FBS Mission: A graduate-level training institution designed to glorify God by equipping students with a biblical education for effective Christian ministry.

Why I Give: Simply put, Faith Bible Seminary’s unique and innovative model. In many seminaries, graduates finish their time with a diploma in hand, debt in stacks, and little local church ministry experience. Not so with Faith Bible Seminary. FBS equips pastoral students with formal training, encourages them with practical ministry experience, and enables them with wise financial stewardship. Faith’s commitment to biblical counseling is another reason worth mentioning too!

Find out more about FBS at:


Indianapolis Theological Seminary

ITS Mission: Collaborating with local churches for biblical and theological training unto the glory of God.

Why I Give: ITS provides a sound and robust seminary education greatly needed in Indianapolis. More encouraging than that, in training future leaders of the church, ITS comes alongside churches, collaborating with them in providing training for pastors and church leaders. The city of Indianapolis and beyond will reap the benefit of Indianapolis Theological Seminary.

For more information on Indianapolis Theological Seminary and their programs, see:

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