Moving Write Along with TCB Media

Why do I write? Lately, I have been pondering this question and believe I’ve reached an answer: I share words to point others to the Word. To realize in His providence, God revealed Himself to humanity in His written Word (the Bible) which is meant to point to the Incarnate Word (Jesus Christ) produces awe in my heart. One of the means to channel this awe is by sharing words with others with the intention of pointing them to the Word. The opportunity to share words to show how the Word shapes our lives is what I love most about writing.

The Aim of Entrusted By God

The reminder of my purpose in writing has led to a renewal in my passion for writing. In the coming weeks, I will be sharing with you the future direction of Entrusted By God. Moving forward, EBG’s goal is to be more specific in its aim. As David Qauod wisely says, “If you try to reach everyone, you’ll reach no one”. While details are still to come, the desire at Entrusted By God is to reach Christian laypeople and young people and to equip them to live as faithful stewards in their theology, life, and relationships.

The Addition of TCB Media

With this new aim in mind, I am excited to share an announcement: In addition to my work on Entrusted By God, I (Theron) will be serving with TCB Media as a TCB Resource Writing Team Member. To provide background, TCB Media is “a digital media ministry dedicated to providing digital tools for Gospel Practitioners to better serve a broken world”. Their community consists of 25,000 readers. Their focus is on reaching the rising, younger generation of Christians (18-35-year-olds) with actionable and practical content and resources. With refining the aim of EBG, the additional opportunity to serve with TCB media seems like a clear fit. I am grateful to God for providing me this opportunity. I look forward to sharing words with more people so that they may know the Word better.

Be sure to check out TCB Media to see all they have to offer!

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