A book on Trusting The Book (Book Review)

It seems like around this time every year some magazine, publication, or television program sets out to consider the person of Jesus Christ. Their intention is not to look at Jesus in a general sense but to put into question whether the Jesus revealed in the Bible is indeed the Jesus who really walked this earth. Many of these stories leading up to Easter want to discredit the biblical record of Jesus. Their problem is with the Bible. Through their arguments, they hope to show why the Bible cannot be trusted. As a result, some Christians don’t know how to respond to claims made and arguments given. For Christians who fall into that category, let me introduce you to Erwin Lutzer’s 7 Reasons Why You Can Trust the Bible.

As pastor emeritus of the historic Moody Church, Erwin Lutzer writes a pastoral heart and theological precision. In seven chapters, Dr. Lutzer walks the reader through the logical, historical, prophetic, Christological, scientific, providential, and personal reason for why a person can believe the Bible is the trustworthy Word of God. Lutzer’s intention in listing the seven reasons is not solely for believers, that they would receive validation of what they know to be true; these seven reasons also are meant to challenge fair-minded skeptics (Lutzer 20). Speaking to both audiences, Dr. Lutzer raises possible objections and seeks to answer them as he makes his way through the arguments. He devotes the last pages of his book to addressing doubters of the Bible specifically in an engaging and thoughtful manner.

7 Reasons Why You Can Trust the Bible provides a solid case why the Bible is the true Word of God. Pastor Lutzer’s multi-faceted answer to the question, “Can we trust the Bible?” bolsters and strengthens the case for the trustworthiness of the Bible as the true Word of God. Yet, some arguments prove stronger than others. At a few points throughout the book, the author makes a sweeping claim without much explanation. For instance, he runs quickly past his critique on the Book of Mormon and Qur’an (see Lutzer 46). Elaboration on the untrustworthiness of those two books compared to the trustworthiness of the Bible could have further helped the reader. The lack of explanation in some sections of the book does not take away from what is in the book, however. This book will help you see why you can trust The Book. Simply put, 7 Reasons Why You Can Trust the Bible by Erwin Lutzer equips believers to show why they trust the Bible is true and encourages honest skeptics to examine the trustworthiness of the Bible for themselves.

I received this book from Moody Publishers in exchange for this review. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own and are my honest review of the book.

Published by Theron St. John

Steward of the Lord Jesus Christ

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