Book Review: Gospel Fluency Handbook

What language do you speak fluently? Maybe you speak more than one and consider yourself bilingual or even multilingual. But what about the language of the gospel? Would you consider yourself fluent in it? The reality is many of us as Christians are more fluent in well-worn cheesy Christian cliches than in the language of the gospel. The need for teaching Christians to go beyond cliches and to seek true change moved Jeff Vanderstelt to write Gospel Fluency: Speaking the Truths of Jesus into the Everyday Stuff of Life. However, the best method of growing in the ability to speak the language of the gospel easily and effectively comes with immersing yourself in a culture that speaks it and practicing it yourself as well. That is what the Gospel Fluency Handbook: A Practical Guide to Speaking the Truths of Jesus into the Everyday Stuff of Life is all about.

Designed either as a companion to the book or a stand-alone resource, the Gospel-Fluency Handbook is an 8-week guide which seeks to help Christians deal with their unbelief and to know the gospel (weeks 1-2), to examine how the gospel applies in their own lives (weeks 3-4), to consider how the gospel transforms their lives together (weeks 5-6), and to realize how the gospel calls for them to share it with others (weeks 7-8). Each week features three personal readings of excerpts taken from Vanderstelt’s book, with reflection questions to follow. Each session ends with a weekly guide for Group Discussion and Exercises. Over the course of these eight sessions, the goal is to see unbelief in areas of the believer’s life uncovered and lies believed about God exposed while also growing in the fluency of the gospel and speaking the truths of Jesus into the everyday stuff of life.

Gospel Fluency Handbook by Jeff Vanderstelt and Ben Connelly is a practical and interactive guide that walk believers through the process of becoming gospel fluent in their everyday lives. The three areas they address (The Gospel in Me, The Gospel with Us, and The Gospel to Others) make the resource robust in its impact. Apparent from the format, the best context for the use of this material is a community journeying together, thinking through and sharing personal reflections leading to group discussions and experiences. For those newer to Christianity and the gospel who participate, the appendix “Defining Theological Concepts” will prove beneficial. As a disclaimer, while the resource can be read apart from the book Gospel Fluency, the Handbook’s effectiveness will multiply with the accompanying of the book. For the sake of your walk, your church, and unbelievers around you, get a copy of the Gospel Fluency Handbook and invite others to join you in becoming gospel fluent.

I received a complimentary copy of this book from Litfuse Publicity Group for this review. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own and are my honest review of the book.

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