Blessed Are The Forgiven (Psalm 32)

ww_psalmsWe all desire happiness. We all are seeking joy in all we do. The reason we do what we do is because we are looking for a pleasure that will satisfy. The issue is not in the pursuit but in the things we pursue. We can pursue the wrong things. And we can pursue good things but with bad motives or in the wrong way. This is certainly the spot King David found himself in. As leader of Israel, he stayed behind while the men of Israel went out to battle (2 Samuel 11:1). While he remained at home in his comfort, he sought to find pleasure by satisfying his sexual desire, culminating in committing adultery with Bathsheba, Uriah the Hittite’s wife (2 Samuel 11:2–5). That act of idolatry led to a snowball effect of sin. David attempted to cover up his sin. Eventually, he was found out (see 2 Samuel 12:1–12). How did he respond? We can see from 2 Samuel 12:13 and from Psalm 51 that David responded with repentance. Psalm 32, too, recounts David’s expression of confession and teaches us what it means to live the blessed life.

The Blessing of Confessing

If we would be honest, we are much like David. When we sin, our immediate response is not to bring it out into the open. Instead, we try to conceal our sin from being known. We do not want others to know that secret sin we struggle with. We may especially try to hide it if we are around unbelievers because we are Christians and we are to be a witness. If we share our struggle, what will they think? The truth is, though, as Christians, we do not cover our sins; we confess them. If we attempt to cover and conceal our sin, then we will feel the way David felt, aching and groaning while facing a spiritual drought (32:3–4). If we confess them, however, we will see as David did that the Lord forgives (32:5). When we acknowledge our sin and confess it, the Lord will be the one who covers our sin and forgives it (32:1). We are not blessed because we have it all together. The reason we can be called the ones who are blessed is because we are forgiven by the Lord. That is why we must go to the Lord in prayer. (32:6). The godly are not those who pretend to be perfect but are the ones who know they need the Lord’s provision and salvation. They look for Him and find Him. The Lord delivers them and forgives them of their sin. He teaches them in the way they should go and gives them counsel (32:8–9). In other words, true confession is not to be done with mere words, but actions are to follow. When we confess our sins, we are not merely saying, “I’m sorry” but we confess with the intention of turning from that sin.

The Blessing is Found in Trusting

When we turn from that sin, we are turning to something, or Someone, else. We turn to the LORD (32:10). Confession of sin and trusting in God go hand-in-hand. Truly, the reason we can confess our sins and find forgiveness is because we trust in the LORD, namely Jesus who lived, died, and rose again for us! It is because of the person and work of Jesus Christ that God the Father can say we are forgiven. The blessing of forgiveness is found in confessing sin and trusting in Christ. For the one who continues to conceal and cover their sin, they will find sorrow (32:10). For the one who confesses their sin and looks to God, they will find gladness and find joy (32:11). The question you need to ask is: which person are you? There is great blessing in being forgiven!

Reflection Questions:

  • When you have unconfessed sin in your life, how does it affect your spiritual life? Can you resonate with David in verses 3-4?
  • Check your heart: are there any unconfessed sins in your life right now you need to repent of and rely on Christ to forgive?
  • Have you ever confessed a sin you had tried to cover and conceal? How did it feel to confess it and trust in the Lord for His forgiveness?

15871997_10210430005099789_6580064576224717116_nThis week’s devotional was written by EBG Lead Writer and Founder Theron St. John. His joy is serving God and His people, both in the church and the academy. He is the associate pastor of Blue Ridge Christian Union Church in Shelbyville, Indiana and an adjunct professor at Crossroads Bible College in Indianapolis.

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