Partners in the Gospel: Crossroads Bible College

cbc-logo-bigIn 2009, God took me on an expedition that has led me to where I am today. It was during my junior year of high school God brought me to Crossroad Community Church in Shelbyville, Indiana. After telling people I felt called to pastoral ministry at the age of 10, I spent a couple of years pondering whether that is what God would have me do. At Crossroad, God made it clear: He had called me into pastoral ministry. The senior pastor at Crossroad, Andy Lee, was a graduate of a Bible College on the east side of Indianapolis, Crossroads Bible College. Taking his recommendation, I visited the campus and applied to become a student at Crossroads.

My first year at Crossroads Bible College went well and went by fast. During my sophomore year in 2011, I joined Federal Work Study to serve on the maintenance team. That same year the school made a major change in department heads. One of the new department heads was Dr. Nicholas Piotrowski. I had no idea the friendship God had in store. From an opportunity to work under his leadership in the school’s library to now serving on staff as his assistant, God has blessed me with a bond I will never forget. My junior and senior years were the most difficult. Not only was this because I was taking the Greek and Hebrew languages, but I lost three grandparents in a span of 12 months. While it was a trying time, Crossroads was there for me with their love and support.

By God’s grace, I graduated in 2014 as salutatorian of my class. The following year I became the associate pastor of Blue Ridge Christian Union Church in Shelbyville, Indiana and currently serve alongside senior pastor Brandon Sutton, who is a great friend and a graduate of Crossroads Bible College.

As I look back, I am in awe of how God has used Crossroads Bible College in my life. As a student, He grew me in understanding and applying His Word. As a graduate, the Lord has partnered me with another alum of the school. In His will, He now has me even serving Crossroads as a staff member and as adjunct faculty. To sum it up, to me Crossroads Bible College has been a partner in the gospel (Philippians 1:5).

One thing is clear to me: God has used Crossroads Bible College profusely in my life. Crossroads has given me so many friendships and opportunities. God has even used the school to bless me financially. For this reason, it is with joy I commit to giving $25 a month to the work God is doing at Crossroads Bible College. If you are interested in partnering with CBC for the gospel and giving, please go here.

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