Book Review: Living in the Light

Piper_bookThe news headlines tell us to join in the sexual revolution, the rising national debt focuses on the issue of money, and the current presidential election screams power. Yet, these things are not simply considerations of the culture. Sex, money, and power find a home in our lives and hearts. We tend to see these matters of sex, money, and power as evil things. We do so because we are sinful, idolatrous people. The problem is not inherently with money, sex, or power. The problem is deeper than that; the problem is the human heart. God has given sex, money, and power as good gifts when they are used in the right bounds and for the right reasons. This is all summed up beautifully in John Piper’s new book, Living in the Light: Money, Sex, and Power.

Piper uses the analogy of the sun and orbits (see pages 103-104). When Christ is the center, the orbits of money, sex, and power will align with their God-glorifying roles. When Christ is not seen as the treasure and center, that is when issues and idolatry arise. John Piper structures the book in a manner that makes sense. Each chapter is saturated in Scripture. He is sure to define the terms and lay the foundations (chapter 1) before warning of the dangers of sex, money, and power (chapters 2-4). These dangerous opportunities can result in idolatry and sin. Therefore, chapter 5 calls the reader to return the Sun to the center. In ourselves, we do not do this. It is the person and work of Christ in the gospel that accomplishes this. We are justified and given new birth by Christ. The final chapter equips Christians to be transformed as they think about sex, money, and power and seek to glorify through them.

This book is biblically balanced. These three items are good gifts God has given, man has distorted, and Christ has redeemed. Sex, money, and power can be good if Christ is valued and treasured above all. Sex, money, and power are meant to glorify God. The problem is when our hearts allow sex, money, and power to become an end of themselves. Living in the Light: Money, Sex, and Power by John Piper is a God-glorifying, idol-exposing, and heart-penetrating book that will challenge and exhort the Christian to value Christ above all things including sex, money, and power.

I received this book for free from The Good Book Company via Cross Focused Reviews for this review. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own and are my honest review of the book.

Published by Theron St. John

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