Concerning This Salvation (1 Peter 1:10-12)

2016-Week 16How much do you like it when on your morning commute you have to drive through dense fog? The heaviness of the fog keeps you from clearly seeing your surroundings. Your vision is impaired. If you are like me, then, there is not much fun in driving amidst the fog. I believe the same reaction goes for the trials, sufferings, and hardships we face. If we take our eyes off of Christ and the salvation He has given us, we are prone to focus on our circumstances. When our circumstances take center stage, we may be kept from seeing things clearly and we most certainly do not consider it joy to have to persevere through the trials and sufferings of this life. For this reason, we need to be reminded of what God has done. The believers in Peter’s day needed this same truth too. Recall that these believers were scattered (1:1) and they were in the midst of trials (1:6) and sufferings (4:12-19). So, what did Peter do? He pointed these Christians to the living hope they had in the resurrection of Jesus Christ (1:3). In other words, Peter directed their focus from their circumstances to their Christ. Though there are temporary trials in this life, it does not even compare to an eternal salvation. Moreover, Peter meditates even further on the greatness of this salvation. He calls for the scattered believers, and by for us, to consider this salvation (1:9-10). He does this by introducing two groups: the prophets and the angels. The prophets had foretold about this salvation and grace that would be for all who repent and believe. They knew and prophesied about God’s promise but they did not know the specifics. They searched and inquired when it would be revealed who the Savior would be. The predicting of the sufferings and subsequent glories are found fulfilled in the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. What the prophets did not know about specifically, we do. They knew that would be the case too, that they were serving us as we know the Good News found in Jesus Christ. But not only do we see the prophets here; angels are discussed too. The angels long to look at the greatness of this salvation, namely in the gospel. Angels, those who see things from God’s perspective, have been and are intensely interested in how God is at work in His people. So, during the difficulties of life, consider your salvation that is found only in Jesus Christ. Reflect on the grandeur of the gospel, the one which prophets prophesied and angels long to look.

Reflection Questions:

  • How can you keep a proper biblical perspective during the trials and sufferings of life?
  • How does God’s promise and fulfillment contribute to our appreciation for our salvation?

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