Book Review: Counseling One Another

Sometimes life and things can get too complicated. Sometimes the most fruitful move you can make is to go back to the basics and remember the foundation all is built on. Paul Tautges does just that in his book Counseling One Another: A Theology of Interpersonal Discipleship. Whether one is hearing these truths explained this way for the first time or not, this book provides every Christian Bible basics for authentic biblical counseling in the life of the church. Counseling One Another shares God’s vision for discipleship as it is found in Scripture.

Tautges is sure to emphasize the sufficiency of Scripture for counseling and this is represented clearly in the book. From addressing what is and what is not biblical counseling (chapter 1) to C_O_Aexposing the errors of worldly psychology (chapter 7), the book calls for Christians to adhere to the sufficiency and authority of Scripture (chapter 6). Biblical counseling and discipleship is essential for our sanctification. However, it would be remiss to neglect the very context where biblical counseling is to take place. In other words, if biblical counseling is understood as “targeted” discipleship and interpersonal discipleship, then what community has God given for this? The answer is the church (chapter 8).

In conclusion, they say you cannot judge a book by its cover. Honestly, before reading it, Counseling One Another was not what I was expecting but, in the end, I am glad for that. Paul Tautges shows that in order to counsel one another biblically we must be confident in the sufficiency of Scripture and live under the authority of Scripture all within the context of the local church. Counseling One Another provides the Bible basics to accomplish this aim and equip Christians to grow in sanctification but to counsel others too as well.

I received this book for free from Shepherd Press via Cross Focused Reviews for this review. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own and are my honest review of the book.

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