The Thankful Give Praise (Psalm 117)

WW2015-wk48Every year the question comes around during this season, “What are you thankful for?” The usual list of suspects line up: family, friends, work, another day of life, and, yes, certainly God! Yet, do our answers truly reflect our lives? If we say we are thankful for something, are we showing it by how we live? These questions are most necessary in displaying our thankfulness to God. How do we show our thankfulness to Him? We show our thankfulness to God, quite simply, by praising Him! The thankful give praise to the only One who ultimately deserves it. Instead of grumbling when things don’t go their way, the thankful respond with gratitude for any grace God chooses to give. This attitude of gratitude toward God results in praise and extends to the ends of the earth. Psalm 117 directs all nations and all peoples to praise the LORD and lift up His name (117:1). Why? Because of His steadfast love and forever faithfulness (117:2). He has saved humans from “every tribe and language and people and nation” (Revelation 5:9). The beauty of the gospel is the LORD’s love is patient with sinners and He is faithful in all His promises. He was faithful in His love upon the cross. Because of the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ, those who are in rebellion to God can be reconciled to Him. Christ lived the sinless life humanity failed to live. Christ died the death on the cross, facing the judgment humanity deserved. Christ rose again so we could be made new and alive in God. The gospel reminds us of where we were and what God has done. We deserved death but have been given new life if we would just repent of our sins and believe in the gospel. We have hope because of the person and work of Jesus Christ. What other response could we give to such amazing truths than thanksgiving and praise. The thankful give praise, and those “in Christ” give praise to Christ!

Reflection Time:

  • Does what you say you are thankful for match up with the way you live your life? If not, why not?
  • How can you give praise to God in thanking Him for His character and work in your life?

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