Book Review: We Cannot Be Silent

We-Cannot-Be-SilentWe learn about the present by looking into the past. Not only is such a statement true in various situations, it is especially true in the current sexual revolution movement. The legalization of same-sex marriage did not appear out of thin air. Rather, it was the result of an undercurrent of immorality that had been building up to this point. The sexual revolution is in full swing now because of the stepping-stones of the last fifty years. It is clear the Christian finds himself or herself in a predicament. They wonder, “How do we respond to all of this?” Enter R. Albert Mohler, Jr. President of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, he fits the role to address this cultural issue from a Christian worldview perspective. He has done just that in We Cannot Be Silent: Speaking truth to a culture redefining sex, marriage, and the very meaning of right and wrong. We Cannot Be Silent by Dr. Albert Mohler is a balanced and biblical, educational and edifying work.

Balanced and Biblical

In the full wake of the sexual revolution, the temptation for the church is to throw all blame on the culture. While the source of the sexual revolution is secularization, Mohler is quick to admit the church shares some blame and implicitly denounces any cry of victimization on the subject (chapters 1-2). In other words, the church has not been bold and has compromised at times to fit in with the culture. The challenge to the church from Mohler is certainly something to appreciate. Throughout the book, Mohler specifies this challenge of boldness as a call to speak the truth. The church may not have been outspoken in the recent past, but the reality of the gospel calls for Christians to speak up.

We Cannot Be Silent is not only a balanced work but a biblical work as well. This should not come as a surprise. Anyone familiar with Dr. Mohler or with Southern Seminary knows the foundation for what we believe is grounded in the Bible. For the Christian, this is chiefly important. Within the sexual revolution, the emphasis is on feelings and the experiences one has. However, for the person who follows Christ, feelings do not come first. Faith, the Word of God, has the place of supremacy. We start with the Word of God, not our experiences. The essential component of Scripture is likely why the book reserves one whole chapter (chapter 7) on what the Bible has to say.

Educational and Edifying

Another mark of this book is the educational and edifying characteristics it contains. Chapter 2 gives a history lesson, in a sense, on how we have went from seeing homosexuality as a sinful lifestyle to it not only being tolerated but celebrated. It is important to clarify the sexual revolution did not begin with homosexuality and it will not end there either. Sexual immorality is broader than merely homosexuality, as we can observe by the past and we can see by looking at the future. The Christian may also learn that not all in the homosexual and sexual revolution circle agree on every detail. Dr. Mohler educates the Christian by defining and explaining those who are liberationists and those who are assimilationists as well as instructing the two different views of marriage, the conjugal view and the revisionist view (chapter 4).

The purpose and heart behind We Cannot Be Silent is not to condemn, condemn, condemn. Instead, Mohler exhorts Christians to share the truth of the gospel. The only hope for change is found in the gospel. Simply put, Mohler’s writing is edifying, helping Christians live faithfully in this faithless culture. There are complex realities and hard questions that must be dealt with (chapter 10). Christians must hold to the conviction of God’s Word and not compromise with the culture. Thanks to Mohler, we are encouraged to do just that.

One Critique

My own minor critique is Mohler speaks time and time again about the necessity for Christians to show compassion to the world around us and those who are struggling with sin in the midst of this revolution. He explains we show compassion by sharing the truth. To this I say, “Yes and amen!” However, more elaboration on what this compassion by speaking the truth looks like would  have been more fruitful. To see real-life examples would have nicely fleshed out the points Mohler was making. Nevertheless, I wholeheartedly recommend We Cannot Be Silent by Dr. Albert Mohler to any Christian who desires to stand on the conviction of God’s Word in a confusing and compromising culture.

I joyfully received this book for free from A. Larry Ross Communications for this review. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own and are my honest review of the book.

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