Getting to Know You: JR Rouse

JR_Rouse[This is the fourth interview in the Getting to Know You series, featuring an interview with the Weekly Word devotional contributors. The contributor we are getting to know this time around is JR Rouse.]

Tell us a little bit about your family.

My family includes my mother and step-father, Corinne and Steve Statzer who live in Bristol, VA. I’m the oldest of 3.  My brother Jason Rouse is one year younger than me and my sister, Heather Rouse, is 4 years younger. I have a son, Xander, who is 8. I also have a girlfriend, Kasey Jump, and she lives in Brownsburg.  I live on the west side of Indy and have been there for about 7 years now.

What church do you attend and in what ministry areas do you serve? What are your hopes for future ministry?

I attend Westlake Community Church of God in Indianapolis. I currently serve as the volunteer Pastor of Community and Connections there. I also serve with the Good News club at Westlake Elementary School.  For those who don’t know, Good News Club meets 8 weeks a year on Monday after school and we have the opportunity with this club to teach the kids about Christ and the Good News.  My future hope for ministry is that I will become the lead pastor of a church.

Where have you (and/or) where are you receiving education and training for ministry

I received my Bachelors degree from Crossroads Bible College and am currently pursuing my Master’s degree with Capital Seminary at their Indianapolis site.

What are hobbies and things you like to do for fun?

I really enjoy camping and hiking, just being outside and being with God’s creation. I enjoy exploring new places and enjoy serving others.  I have a heart for evangelism and being with others both to help and to learn. I greatly enjoy sports. I have a few favorite teams: In college sports I like the Tennessee Volunteers, in NFL I like the New Orleans Saints, in Major league baseball I like the Texas Rangers.

Do you have a favorite band or type of music?

I don’t have a favorite band per se, but I really enjoy a many different kinds of music. I also like listening to sports on the radio.

Other than the Bible, what book has had a great effect on your Christian life?

Other than the Bible, I love One Thing You Can’t Do In Heaven by Mark Cahill. There are a couple of more books by Mark Cahill I enjoy as well. He has such a heart for evangelism, as do I, so it only deepens my desire to share with the lost.

What passage of Scripture has impacted you most in this season of your life?

The most impactful passage in this season of life would be Romans 12. I am focusing my life on how to become a better man of God, and by doing this, I have been challenged and changed by just what this looks like, not only for me but my family.

How can people be supporting you in prayer?

They can be praying for my education and for my pursuit of seeking a job in a church that God wants me in.

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