Book Review: Questions Jesus Asks

Reading through the Gospels, have you ever wondered why Jesus asks questions? If He is God the Son, would He not know everything? Author and conference speaker Israel Wayne has wrestled with these questions himself. Upon biblical reflection, he has set out to find answers and has written Questions Jesus Asks, a follow-up to his previous book, Questions God Asks. In the book, Wayne takes a look at twenty different questions Jesus posed during His time here on earth. He begins the discussion in answering the question “Was Jesus Omniscient?” (introduction) and ends his work with the challenge for the reader to answer “Do you believe this?” (Wayne 181, concerning the resurrection of Christ).QJA

A number of things are commendable in Wayne’s work with a couple of minor critiques to add. The book, chapter after chapter, does a fantastic job answering Jesus’ questions by going back to the source and authority, the Bible. The questions are answered biblically as they should be. Also, in a number of chapters, doctrines are brought into the discussion. Without being too technical, Israel Wayne explains these doctrines and puts them in laymen’s terms. Two of the most fruitful chapters are on the topic of money and healing (chapters 5 and 6). With that said, some chapters are more compelling and intriguing than others. Some chapters may strike more of a chord and bring about more interest than others. This critique may be, in part, due to the second critique of this book. With a title like Questions Jesus Asks, I was expecting more questions that find tension with the issue of the omniscience of Jesus. Chapter 16 (“Why Have You Forsaken Me?” on Suffering) is an example of the questions I thought would be addressed. Therefore, if you base your expectations of the book on the title, keep in mind all chapters may not be what you think. Still, this book is a solid resource. Questions Jesus Asks is an easy-to-read book that bases its answers on Scripture. If you desire to study the questions of Jesus, this book is for you. (If you would like to listen to an interview by Shaun Tabatt with the author, you can find it here.)

I received this book for free from New Leaf Press via Cross Focused Reviews for this review. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own and are my honest review of the book.

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