Contend for the Faith, Part 2 (Jude 5-7)

WW2015-wk21We left off last week with the admonition to contend for the faith. We saw false teachers had crept in the church and were distorting the truth. Jude, wanting to write to fellow believers about their common salvation, decided it would be best to address these Christians and appeal to them to contend for the faith. Having laid that foundation, then, the next appropriate question comes into view: How do we contend for the faith? If we are being told the ‘what’, then we must also learn the ‘how’. Thankfully, Jude continues on for us. Jude calls for his partners in the gospel, including us, to remember (verse 5). To be upfront, Jude goes into detail concerning particular things such as rebellious angels and the immorality surrounding Sodom and Gomorrah. While those are important issues to discuss, for the purpose of this devotional, we will look in broader terms. The broad terms we see in this passage are salvation, rebellion, and judgment. Jude 5 displays for us the reminder of salvation. Interestingly enough, this particular act of salvation, or deliverance, is in reference to the Exodus and Jude says it was “Jesus, who saved a people out of the land of Egypt”. This is a reminder that Jesus is not a created being, not someone who came into existence at his incarnation. From the pages of the Old Testament to now, we can be assured Jesus is eternal. Jesus is also Savior. He is the one who delivered the Israelites and He is the one who can save us from our sins and restore us to God. His life, death, and resurrection must be kept at the forefront of our lives. But we know this is not always the case and sometimes never the case for some. We live in a sinful and fallen world. Until we repent and trust in Christ, we are rebels against God. As rebels and enemies of God, the consequences and punishment is judgment. We see destruction for those who did not believe (verse 5). We see darkness and eternal chains in wait for judgment day for attempting to usurp authority (verse 6). And, yes, we see the eternal punishment served because of sexual immorality, where Sodom and Gomorrah are shown as examples (verse 7). In other words, to contend for the faith means to understand rebellion and the rightfulness of judgment from God as a result. We have all sinned and deserve so (Romans 6:23). But we are also reminded of the salvation that comes from Jesus. If we will turn from our sin and ourselves and turn to Christ as Lord and Savior, we can be delivered. Only then can we contend for the faith and know how to do so.

Reflection Time:

  • How does knowing the ‘how’ of contending for the faith help in understanding and applying the gospel to your life?

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