A Reconciling Resolution (2 Corinthians 5:16-21)

ww44As we close out on one year, another one begins to bloom forth. New year’s resolutions are bound to be made just to be broken. Yet, how often do we seek to resolve our lives according to God’s Word? When we think of making resolutions, the focus is on ourselves and our priorities, not God’s priorities. We would all do well to rethink the resolutions we declare and look to the truth of the Bible to see where we need to change. One area that seemingly needs looked at is evangelism. For many Christians, myself included, we tend to shrink back from boldly speaking and spreading the message of the gospel. We are afraid of what people may think. In a nutshell, we fear man more than we fear God. But, as Christ-followers, this message of the gospel is not one we can keep to ourselves. It has changed our lives and has the power to change other’s lives as well. We need to let the world know they are separated from God because of their sin and rightly deserve death and judgment from this holy God. We need to show them the hope they can have if they turn from their sins and place their faith and trust in Christ. In sum, they can be reconciled to God. This is the reconciling resolution we need as we approach a new year. It is actually through this message of reconciliation we enter into the ministry of reconciliation. This ministry gives us a new perspective, a new identity, and a new role. We no longer see people as merely flesh but as souls who need to hear the good news of the gospel and be saved (v. 16). We also find out that what we do is not what defines us; it is whose we are. Our identity is in Christ as a new creation (v. 17). This new identity then gives way to our new role as stewards and ambassadors. God has entrusted us with this message and we are called to be His representatives on earth (5:18-20). May we take this message seriously and resolve to live our new life this new year and beyond.

Reflection Time:

  • How does a new perspective, a new identity, and a new role affect your life in gospel ministry?

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