My ‘Entrusted’ Life

my entrusted lifeMy passion is to teach Christ-followers to live as stewards of the gospel. That is one of the main reasons I started this blog, Entrusted By GOD.  Through writing, recommending, and producing resources, I desire to equip disciples of Christ to know God more intimately. Yet, my story doesn’t begin there. The concept of an ‘entrusted’ life began before I was even born. Reflecting on the events to be mentioned, it is amazing to see how God has brought me to the place He has. This is the story I would like to share. This is my ‘entrusted’ life.

It began when my mother, believed to have had the flu, decided to go see a doctor. Since she had not yet had her period that month, my father and her chose to go see a gynecologist. At the gynecologist, they found out my mother was pregnant but told her that they thought the pregnancy was a molar pregnancy. According to WebMD, a molar pregnancy is when tissue that normally becomes a fetus instead becomes an abnormal growth in the uterus. They suggested that my mom have a D&C, a dilation and curettage, which is a procedure to remove tissue from inside the uterus. It is usually done to clear uterine lining after a miscarriage or abortion. Not agreeing with the decision, my parents made an appointment for another doctor visit the following week. They trusted God that if she was going to miscarry it would happen naturally.

At the next regular doctor’s appointment, they did another ultrasound and found, I, the baby had grown and looked to be normal size. However, it was not all good news. They could not find a heartbeat. It was not until my mother was five months pregnant a heartbeat was found. Then, at seven months, it was thought I would be premature because my mother was already dilated to five. Medication was given so that she would not go into early labor but she could not tolerate it and had to discontinue prescriptions. A couple of months later, a healthy boy was born two weeks late and at eight pounds and three ounces.

By all appearances, it seemed something should have gone wrong with the pregnancy. But by God’s grace, God chose to entrust life to a healthy baby boy, Theron. This is my story. This is my ‘entrusted’ life.

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