Book Review: Purity is Possible

The sexual revolution in our culture includes a wide variety of thing but most assuredly includes lust, fantasy, and, yes, pornography. Yet, what may not be as realized is that these areas are not only struggles for men. Women struggle with fantasy, lust, and pornography as well. That is why I am grateful for Helen Thorne’s work in Purity is Possible. The book’s goal is not to legalistically pursue purity and if you can’t, you are doomed. The book, instead, points to redemption found in Christ. Chapter 1 starts off showing from the Bible that beauty is what God designed us for. However, this beauty has become tainted and “beauty” will be pursued in impure and unbiblical ways. This leads to chapter 2 where this desire for beauty causes one to create a fantasy world involving sex, whether that be through reading erotica or viewing pornography. Reality hits, pipthough, in chapter 3 as this fantasy is found out to be false. What the ultimate problem is a heart problem, an idolatry problem (chapter 4). This brings the person to realize they are guilty and to handle it correctly through the forgiveness and mercy of God (chapters 5-6). By putting off these sins and putting on Christ through repentance and faith, one can be forgiven and be on the road to purity (chapter 7). With a new identity, liberty comes as God’s children (chapter 8). The book closes with striking questions geared toward your commitment of change.

This book is a tremendous resource for women who want to leave behind the world of erotica, lust, and pornography and find redemption in the gospel of Jesus Christ. Thorne writes with a person touch, opening up about her own struggles and failures but pointing to the hope in Christ. Stories are mentioned throughout the book to remind those struggling they are not alone and that this is a real life issue. Too many books treat the symptoms but do not get to the root issue. Thanks be to God, this is not one of those books. In and of ourselves, we cannot change. But by God’s grace through His Spirit, we can. This book reminds us of that. Case in point, Purity is Possible is a book worth picking up for women who struggle with sexual temptation.

( Note: Helen Thorne mentions there are ways to set up safety guards in fleeing sexual temptation. In the case of pornography, buying and installing a software like Covenant block sites that may be tempting to go to.)

I received this book for free from The Good Book Company via Cross Focused Reviews for this review. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own and are my honest review of the book.

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