Enter with Thanksgiving (Psalm 100)

ww37How do you approach God? I think we would do well to dwell on such a question. Too often, we come to God in prayer or His Word in a flippant manner. We don’t come to the throne of grace humbly or even intentionally. Sometimes reciting a short, sweet prayer, we think will suffice. Yet, this is a careless and derogatory way to approach the One who has made us and who has saved us. We need to come to Him, first and foremost, with a joy and thankfulness in our hearts. He is the One who gave us life and He owns us (verse 3). We belong to Him, are sustained by Him, and meet our needs because of Him. Simply said, when we enter His presence, we should do so with thanksgiving. God is worthy of all our praise. Because of His salvation, seen namely in Jesus Christ, we should bless His name and call others to do the same. The whole world needs to hear about God and the rejoicing of those who are His (verses 1-2). What is it about God and His salvation they need to hear and be thankful for? It is His goodness, His love, and His faithfulness (verse 5). God does not hold back good things from us but gives us good gifts so we can rejoice in them in relationship to giving Him praise and glory for it (James 1:17). God’s love is an enduring love, being patient with sinners and saving them even in the midst of their fallenness (Romans 5:8). This love will never end and will last forever as those who repent and trust in the gospel will spend eternity with God. This is due to the fact God will be faithful to all generations. God will not break His promises and will never take back His Word on saving His people. God’s goodness, love, and faithfulness are just three of the reasons worth giving thanks to God and approaching Him with a joyful and humble heart!

Reflection Time:

  • Which aspect of God’s character (goodness, love, faithfulness) do you tend to neglect or not to be grateful for? Make it a priority to give thanks in prayer to God for who He is.

3 thoughts on “Enter with Thanksgiving (Psalm 100)

  1. Good thoughts brother! I preached this passage a couple weeks ago. Great stuff! God reveals Himself in creation, His Word and our response is repentance and worship. Keep it up bro!sse

  2. Hey brother. I actually preached on Psalm 19 and just read Psalm 100 in my devotions and got excited, haha. I can email you my sermon if you’d like. Just send me your email address. Peace!

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