Review: I Just Need Time to Think!

Bombarded with the busyness of our culture and the technology of Facebook and television, it seems we have neglected the importance of reflection in our everyday lives. This is especially crucial for the Christian. Reflective study needs to be seen for the Christian as an essential practice. Dr. Mark Eckel understands this. He writes in reference to his book, “I Just Need Time to Think! Reflective Study as Christian Practice is an encouragement to Christ-followers everywhere that we should honor Christ with our learning” (Eckel 136). As a former student of Dr. Eckel, I can concur with his statement and remark he succeeds his mission in this book.Eckel-Cover-200x300

Observing the areas of study, retreat, discipline, holiday, reading, reflection, obstacles, walking, path, and place, Eckel points us to the standard of Scripture and how a biblical worldview informs our practice of reflection. The order of the chapters, a chapter of reflection following a chapter of study, brings stability in applying these practices. The heart of “teaching how to think, not what to think” (vii) sets the foundation for this framework. Pockets of wisdom, such as understanding of student as vocation (Eckel 10) and gratitude and discipline as pillars of life (Eckel 42), are made throughout the book. Dr. Mark Eckel calls for us to be a thinking people and to do so for the glory of God. I heartily recommend this book for anyone who desires to be intentional in their walk with the Lord through reflective practice.

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