Book Review: How Will The World End?

These days, it seems, many are fascinated with the end of the world. The number of apocalyptic movies is evidence of this. Even in the field of theology there is much study on end times. Yet, too often the response of all this is the “fascination mixed with confusion tinged by fear” (Rinne 7). Now, enter Jeramie Rinne. Jeramie dares to ask the question “How will the world end?” in the next of the Questions Christians Ask book series. Going back to the Bible, he lays out what will happenHow-will-the-World-End-by-Jeramie-Rinne, how it will happen, and when it may happen while reminding his readers the focal point is Jesus (chapters 2-5). He ends the book challenging believers to reflect on how this topic calls for us to live in the present (chapter 6).

This book is a surprising accessible book on a frequently confusing subject. While the author admits the book is not meant to provide an in-depth analysis but a big picture view about the end of the world (Rinne 9, 51-52), I believe he accomplishes much in his overview. He reminds us to not be too dogmatic or indifferent to eschatology (Rinne 7). He, then, lays out the different views of Christ’s second coming (i.e. premillenial, postmillennial, etc.) in an understandable format (chapter 4). He does not get caught up so much in who may be right in their view but that our ultimate focus is to “keep your eyes on Jesus and keep studying your Bible” (Rinne 27). And, indeed, Rinne takes us back to the Bible to show how God says the world will end. The book ends by showing how these future events should be affecting our lives now. Faith, godliness, and hope are just three of the outcomes we should seek to apply to our lives in view of Jesus’ return (chapter 6). All in all, this book is a helpful and fruitful tool for all Christians. From church leadership to the new believer, How Will the World End? is a resource worth reading.

I received this book for free from The Good Book Company via Cross Focused Reviews for this review. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own and are my honest review of the book.

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