Abide in Knowing (1 John 5:13-21)

ww24Throughout the book of 1 John, we have seen the call to abide in Christ, the light, love, faith, and so on. Now, we reach the last section of this letter to ask the question one more time, “God, what are you wanting us to abide in?” Again, we find God has an answer. He wants us to abide in knowing. We need to abide in knowing our assurance of salvation and the seriousness of sin. John has written this to show believers in Christ that they can know they have eternal life. This confidence, however, does not come from self-sufficiency. This confidence is in God (vv. 13-15). We can approach God as His people and He will hear us because we have been born of God (v. 18). We are God’s children. We can be assured of our salvation because of who Christ is and what He has done for us. Yet, it is Christ’s sacrifice which also reminds us of the seriousness of sin. We are not saved to sin all the more. No, we turn from sin and turn to Christ in salvation. We have to understand and know the reality of sin. Unrepentant sin and the absolute rejection of Jesus Christ as God in flesh leads to death (vv. 16-17). While there is sin not leading to death because forgiveness can be found by God in Christ, all wrongdoing is a rebellious act against God. Seeking sin above our Savior is idolatry. Whether it is sexual immorality, pleasure, or mere selfishness, God tells us to keep ourselves from idols (v. 21). Christ has given us understanding for the purpose of knowing Him (v. 20). It is when we truly know Christ and are in fellowship with Him that we seek Him and His kingdom above all else. We turn from worshiping idols and worship the Lord, the only One who is worthy. May we abide in knowing that!

Reflection Question:

  • What idols have you been worshiping while excluding the seriousness of a particular sin? How will you seek to serve Christ and live in the light of the salvation He has given?

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