Relational Bible Reading

What if Bible reading is not just something for Sunday? What if the Word of God is meant to be read daily and in community with other believers? This is just one of the mind-shifts authors Colin Marshall and Tony Payne have set out to think over in their book The Trellis and the Vine. While there are a number of edifying points they make in theLayout 1 book in the context of ministry, this idea of relational Bible reading is one of the most intriguing. This is best represented when Marshall and Payne imagine what it would be like “if all Christians, as a normal part of their discipleship, were caught up in a web of regular Bible reading, not only digging into the word privately, but reading it with their children before bed, with their spouse over breakfast, with a non-Christian colleague at work once a week over lunch, with a new Christian for follow-up once a fortnight for mutual encouragement, and with a mature Christian friend once a month for mutual encouragement” (Marshall and Payne pg. 57). Case in point, this quite possibly could create a culture of disciple-making by the means of Bible reading, study, meditation, and prayer.

With this concept of relational Bible reading in mind, I am excited to share with you a resource Matthias Media has published. It is a book called One-to-One Bible Reading by David Helm. Coming from the same company which produced Trellis and the Vine, it comes alongside the follower of Christ, showing them the why, who, and how of one-to-one Bible reading. Therefore, it is my commendation for you to buy this book. I challenge you to take what it says to heart and begin reading the Word of God with others as to enjoy fellowship and discipleship. Whether at home, work, school, and/or with church family, my prayer is we will grow in our passion for God’s Word and make a habit of reading the Word for evangelizing, equipping, and establishing. May it all be done for our good and God’s glory!


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