Gospel Ministry in Small Towns

Recently, I came across an article discussing ministry and it made the comment “cities matter because people matter”. While I completely agree with the sentiment that cities are where people are, I cannot help but think this does not describe the whole picture. To be sure, I do believe it is important to witness and preach the gospel in urban contexts. In fact, the college I graduated from emphasizes reaching a multi-ethnic urban world for Christ. I am completely on board for that mission. So there is no argument there. However, I believe in all of this talk about reaching cities with the gospel, there has been an unintentional neglect of smaller areas. Gospel ministry matters in small towns too because people matter. Yes, small towns may not have the population urban areas and cities do, but they still matter. They matter because people matter. That is why I am thankful for Jared Wilson’s wisdom on this subject in the video below. Please watch and be edified.

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