Follow Him in Love (Mark 12:28-34)


[This is the fifth and final devotional in the series entitled “The Gospel in Action”.]

In following Christ, we have learned we need to deny ourselves and trust in Him with our lives. When we trust in Him, we will have faith in His kingdom that it will grow. Part of this growth involves serving one another, remembering all the work that Christ has done for us on the cross. In the midst of all this, we must not forget the central part of the equation: love. Love is the foundation. This love starts with loving the one true God (12:29-30). This is, indeed, the greatest commandment. Once we have taken hold and applied this commandment to our lives, it will permeate into love for others (12:31). We will love our neighbors. We will realize and follow through on the calling that we are to live like Christ by having a passion for God and compassion for others. That is prayerfully what we will be doing through this week and beyond. Loving God and drawing closer in relationship to Him, while at the same time caring for the people, showing them the love of Christ through relational intentionality, are pointing to the great spiritual needs that they need a Savior. Simply put, the gospel in action means to love. Hopefully this will be our hearts as God’s people. May we be reminded that it is all about Christ and His love for us. We can only do what we are doing because of His work in our lives. Praise be to God for this opportunity to grow deeper in relationship with Him and to serve others for the advancement of the gospel. May we be changed by the gospel and live with fervency and urgency in sharing the gospel!

Reflection Questions:

  • Why is love so central in the work of the gospel? How should that affect the way we go out spreading the gospel?
  • In understanding the two greatest commandments, how have you done in loving other people? What does this say about your love for God?

One thought on “Follow Him in Love (Mark 12:28-34)

  1. Theron, I just want you to know I have these sent to my email and they always help bring the perspective I need to get back on track. THANK YOU for faithfully allowing God to use you as an instrument to minister to others. You are a true blessing, brother and will be missed at Crossroads!

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