Following Christ (Mark 1:14-20)


[This devotion is the first  in a 5-part series entitled “Gospel in Action”.]

For the last three years, I have went on short-term mission trips to Haiti. It is while on these trips, I began to consider “Why?” What is the fundamental purpose of going on such trips? Is it just have “that experience”? Is it to simply help with physical needs? No, although helping physical needs is important, it cannot be the fundamental purpose for going. The primary purpose for going to Haiti, other countries, or even serving where we currently are is to help with a greater need, a spiritual one. We need to understand that our focus is the gospel. We need to share the gospel. We need to proclaim the gospel of God as revealed in Jesus Christ (1:14). Thus, we must get this good news, the gospel, right. It begins with a holy and perfect God. We have to show that we are people who have sinned against this God. Because of that, we deserve hell and eternal separation from Him. We cannot save ourselves because we will always fall short. However, God has provided a way. Jesus Christ, being fully God and fully man, came to this earth, lived a sinless life and succeeded where we failed, died on the cross as a substitute for our sins, and rose again so that we could enjoy eternal life with Him in relationship. And what this gospel does is that it demands a response. You can either accept or reject. Our response needs to be “repent and believe in the gospel” (1:15). We need to trust in Christ as our Lord and Savior. In turn, we will live the gospel out in our life. We will follow Christ. This following includes being “fishers of men” just as the first disciples were. The point here is in following Christ, there is a response. Once we have responded, we are called to share and teach the gospel, being disciples who make disciples who make disciples. That is what it means. Let us follow Christ!

Reflection Questions

  • In your own words, how would you go about sharing the gospel with someone? What would you say?
  • As disciples of Christ, we are to be “fishers of men”. This includes going out and spreading the good news. How will you go about doing where you currently are (work, neighborhood, etc.)?

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