The Seminary Decision (Revisited)

In a blog post I shared last April, I announced the decision to hold off on seminary. The idea was to not go to seminary (right away). As I approach my bachelor’s degree completion with graduation this May, I have more exciting news. I was wrong! I will not be taking as big of a break as I thought. As God usually does, the moment I think I have my life figured out, He switches it up on me. It is a great reminder I am not in control of my life. He is.

Anyway, my reasoning for holding off on seminary included gaining ministry experience and focusing more on my spiritual life. Those two things have not changed. However, the opportunity for seminary has. At the time, the seminary I was considering was Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville, Kentucky. Their professors are top-notch and have an incredible passion for the gospel. Yet, I knew if I plunged in right away there would be major problems. For one, I did not want to burn myself out. I knew the workload would be just as much, if not more, than what I have experienced being in Bible college. I have been a full-time student, taking no fewer than four classes and averaging five courses a semester. I have struggled spiritually as I have devoted more time to assignments than to communion with God. Secondly, especially as a single I find myself struggling with the idolatry of lust and honestly SBTS is filled with gals who have been gifted by God with good looks. Therefore, I did not want that stumbling block in front of me, taking my attention off my studies and to other things. Put that all together and that is why I decided not to go and pursue my Master’s right away.

Then, an opportunity came along. Crossroads Bible College, where I have been pursuing my Bachelor’s degree, chose to partner with the graduate school of Lancaster Bible College, Capital Seminary and Graduate School. They began offering a Master of Arts in Ministry. While this did seem like something worth considering, I really wanted to pursue a Master of Divinity degree. Then, I had a meeting with one of my favorite professors, Dr. Eckel. Although he no longer teaches at Crossroads, I will remember him as one of my favorite instructors. Interestingly enough, though, he is now a professor for Capital Seminary. Over dinner, he discussed with me the opportunity to actually pursue a Master of Divinity degree with Capital at their Indianapolis site. Each course is blended, meaning online and on-campus, and runs for six weeks. The way this program is set up, you can take one course every six weeks.

With all this said, I still plan on taking a semester off. I need a time of spiritual renewal and refocus as move beyond my undergraduate. Nevertheless, I would like to announce beginning in the spring term of 2015, I will be attending Capital Seminary and Graduate School (Indianapolis site) to obtain a Master of Divinity in Leadership Studies.

Capital Seminary

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Steward of the Lord Jesus Christ

3 thoughts on “The Seminary Decision (Revisited)

  1. Theron, thrilled to see the Lord leading you in this way. And we are definitely looking forward to having you as a student!



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