A Heart for Haiti

“This will probably be my last time here.” I spoke these words seven months ago after returning from my second mission trip to Haiti. I had lost focus on that trip and was uncertain what the future would hold after graduating this upcoming May. The last two trips took place in the summer so I figured the next opportunity for our church going was the following summer. With that in mind, I was sure this was my last trip to Haiti. But God knew better.

I was approached only a couple of months after this incident and asked if I would be interested in going to Haiti on a medical mission trip in February. My role would be to serve as the spiritual leader of the group, pray with patients, and lead our team’s devotions. Looking back, I can see the Lord’s hand in this. I agreed to join the team and began to prepare for the trip. Then, last Monday we went.

Words cannot describe this trip. It was an incredible and amazing time. It was a joy to be a part of a great team. Having the opportunity to pray with the Haitians and lead three of them to Christ is something I will always hold dear. The spiritual dryness I have faced the last few months has been replaced with spiritual zeal and has reignited my awe for God. I have really developed a heart for Haiti. Knowing that my focus was off on last year’s trip, I made it a priority to keep my focus on God this trip. To say the least, it was proven to be fruitful. My heart has grown for Haiti, for the Haitians, and for those who serve there. The relationships you make, whether it be the translators, the missionaries, or the people, you are reminded you have family down there. As I am not even a week removed from this trip, I am already missing serving, praying, and fellowshipping with the people in Haiti. So, seven months after thinking I had went on my last Haiti trip, I am here to say, Lord willing, I will be making many more trips to this place to serve. This is because I have a heart for Haiti and have family down there now.

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