One of Those Years

In 2013, I lost three of my grandparents to death. I officiated two of those funerals and spoke at the other. While I grieve as one who has hope because of the gospel, it has still been a rough year. I wanted to share with you this poem I wrote as a way of remembering and paying tribute to my grandpa and my grandma Dawson and my grandma St. John. We all love you and miss you!

2013, it’s been one of those years,
marked by losing loved ones and shedding tears.
Missing my grandpa and my grandmas too,
it just doesn’t seem the same without you.
I miss your handshakes, hugs, and love,
but I know you are smiling from above.
We thank God for the time we were allowed to spend
with you, enjoying laughter as family and friend.
Even as you are gone, we are not far apart,
for you and your memory resides in my heart.

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