People on Mission

969216_10102670350328468_30627000_nSince returning back from Haiti this year, God has been teaching me a few things. He has shown me where there are idols in my life and where I need to grow in my walk with Him. Consequently, both deal with relationships. I have spent way too much time focusing on trying to find a relationship with a girl, even trying to force the issue when it is sometimes not there, and not spending nearly enough time in devotion to God. On the flip side, though, God has also been teaching me to be more intentional in developing Christlike relationships and to help others grow in their faith. Thus, God has impressed upon my heart this issue of relationships.

It is with this, then, that I would like to focus on the latter of what I have learned. Indeed, behind all the busyness of school work and excuses, I admit that I have not been intentional on building disciple-making relationships. I am starting to realize this more and more. We need community as brothers and sisters in Christ. We need to be involved in one another’s lives. That is what disciple-making is all about. It is about doing life together and help each other grow in Christ. To state it another way, we are people on a mission. We are on a mission to show people Christ so that they may come to know Christ and together we can grow in Christ. This is discipleship.
With this in mind, it may seem proper to ask, “What does a maturing disciple look like?” While, there is no set formula and no one right way of doing discipleship, I would like to set forth an approach I have recently taken:

A maturing disciple is one who knows the Word, grows in the Word, shows the Word, and goes with the Word.

The “Know, Grow, Show, Go” approach will be discussed in detail more and fleshed out in later posts, but it will suffice to say for now that each of these are important in disciple-making. In order to be people on mission we need to know the Word as well grow in the Word. When we are doing those, we will surely show the Word and ultimately go with the Word. This is what it means to be people on mission.

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