Why I Am Not Going To Seminary (Right Away)

These last few months have been filled with prayer and consideration. Consideration for seminary once I graduate from Bible college next spring and prayer, asking God to show me whether that is His will for me or not in this season of my life. It is only after this time of taking it before God that I believe I have come to a decision: I will not be going to seminary (right away). I honestly believe this is the direction the Lord is taking me in at this time. This is not to say I will never go to seminary but that I will not be going in the near future. Along with (or because) of God’s direction, there are a number of factors I believe it is best to not to go to seminary right away. They include:

Spiritual Life. Throughout the last three years in Bible college, I must admit I have struggled in consistent Bible reading and prayer. Often, the excuse becomes that I must to do school work so I do not get behind. And, so, the former is neglected. Now, one might say, “Yeah, but its a Bible college. Reading the Bible is part of that school work.” Well, yes, but there is a difference when you are reading for an academic exercise  and when you are reading it to spend some time personally with God. And it is this personal time I have struggled with. It is a maturity issue. Thus, I believe it to be best to take a break from an official school setting so that my spiritual life will not suffer so much.

Ministry Experience. Another reason I have chosen to not go to seminary right now is that I think it would be best to enter into vocational ministry and get practical, hands-on experience. I have learned much in Bible college but have not really been able to put much of it into practice yet. It would be a good opportunity, then, to gain ministry experience and understand the pastorate better before furthering my schooling.

Vast Resources. I have told a few people that if I had lived 200 years ago, I would have probably went to seminary right after Bible college. Why I say this is because as I see it now, in today’s world there are such a vast number of resources out there, such as Gospel Coalition, 9Marks, and Covenant Theological Seminary (they have free lectures from a number of their courses you can download for free). Now, you have to be careful with what resources you choose and be able to discern between the sound and the heretical but I believe I have a level of discernment now that I will be aware of that.

Nevertheless, while a few more options could be given, my point is this: I believe it to be in the best interest of my spiritual health to not go to seminary right after Bible college. I believe this is the Lord’s direction for my life in this season. God bless!

Published by Theron St. John

Steward of the Lord Jesus Christ

6 thoughts on “Why I Am Not Going To Seminary (Right Away)

  1. Wow! This was an awesome post. I am on the same page with you, and you have actually challenged me in multiple ways. Im also not going to go to Seminary (right away) after my undergrad. Thanks for posting your thoughts about this subject!

  2. The secular world has it backwards…..hands-on AFTER you get that piece of paper to hang on your wall. Wiser is the man that KNOWS he can do it because he learned how than the man that thinks he can do it because he has that diploma. You’re an inspiration, Theron! You never cease to amaze me. May God bless you richly for your willingness to seek His face. πŸ™‚

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