Haiti, Day 7

[This is the last post from the Haiti mission trip.]

Monday, June 11th.

I cannot believe our last day in Haiti has arrived. The week has went by so fast. I am kind of ready to go home and see my family. However, there is another part of me that wants to stay here and minister here. I am torn. As long as God sees it, I will be back next year.

As for today, beach day was fun. Getting to spend time just to relax and reflect was an enjoyment. One of the things I am glad this week has produced, in terms of within the team, is getting to know others better as well as re-establishing good friendships. To be specific, it was fun to bicker with Jordan again. I did not realize I had missed our friendship the last few months as we have both been busy with other things but I apparently have. To be able to recapture some of that friendship this week, only if it last for this week, was an encouragement to me. It is always nice to know someone else around your age who wants to follow God passionately. It is always nice to serve with a team like the one we have had this week!

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