Haiti, Day 5

Saturday, June 9th.

Today was our last day of VBS. It has definitely went way too fast. I feel like we have hardly been here, and I am no where close to wanting to leave at this point. As I felt earlier in the week, I am pretty sure I will be back in Haiti. My favorite part of the day was hearing the Haitian children sing in Creole as well as in English. (Just as a sidenote, their version of “Jesus Loves Me” rocks!) I was amazed when they sang “Lord, I Lift Your Name on High” in Creole, French, and English. I can only speak English and yet a 14-year-old can speak three different languages. Never the less, it was a blessing to hear the children sing.

I also enjoyed the fellowship I have had with the team. Getting to know the Beals and Bergens better have been a blessing as well as getting know others such as Ann, who has kept me laughing! 🙂 It has just been a great time and I have had fun. I love the team God has assembled together!

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