Haiti, Day 4

Friday, June 8th.

This morning was a good time of fellowship as we spent time painting. I enjoy it how we are getting to know one another better. We have quite a group of characters. (Looking back on the trip, the whole group seemed to be a group of characters, if you know what I mean!)

The village we went to was a bit different than¬†Onaville. Still, it was fun to get to be around more children. One particular Haitian boy stayed close to me for the majority of the time. While other children were fighting to get in line for water, he was simply waiting at the back of the line not worrying because all he was concerned about was holding my hands. He is one of the many children I wish I could take home with me. I do not know his story and am not sure how bad his living condition is…and that troubles me. As we left, I gave him my name tag and let him keep it. Later on, I started to wonder if he even has a place to sleep. I started to feel sick to my stomach, realizing some of these children have it so rough down here. But God is not finished in Haiti!

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