Haiti, Day 2

Wednesday, June 6th.

Today was our first day out doing children’s vacation Bible school. Nearly 200 children showed up. 20 came to the front during the invitation and made a profession of faith. It was amazing, and it is my prayer God will continue to work in these kid’s lives. To see how a simple wave of the hand to say “hello” could bring so much joy and a smile to these children’s faces really took me back. I still do not think it has hit me that this is all the Haitian people know. The poverty is on another level here. It causes me to think about my own life…I argue over having my own room yet these people live in houses that are probably the size of my room. It is eye-opening.

Another thing that hit me occurred during our group time. We were all sharing our highs and lows for the day and it seemed apparent that many of my fellow friends were convicted of having a selfish attitude. “It is not about me but it is all about God” seemed to be a repeated phrase. It convicted me because I feel the same way that I was making this trip more about me than God. My focus needs to be on Him and giving Him the glory! That is what I hope to do the rest of this trip!

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