Haiti, Day 1

[This is the first post from a 7 part series of journal entries from the Haiti Mission Trip.]

Tuesday, June 5th.
Today was quite a whirlwind. I accomplished two things I had not previously done. I flew in a plane and went out of the country. I thank God for both of these opportunities He has given me. The flights I was on allowed me to see the beauty of creation. It is no doubt that there is a Creator…creation begs for it. The sights were beautiful. On the other hand, though, traveling outside the country has opened my eyes. My perspective has changed as I am in a different culture where poverty is present clearly. I cannot understand what these people go through and how they live. We have so much in America, and yet we are so unappreciative of it. Coming back to my point, I do believe this is where God has placed me for this week and I cannot wait to see how He works. I do not think I fully realize where I am at. Maybe that will start tomorrow as we begin ministering through children’s VBS and medical missions. May God get the glory. Amen!

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