Headed to Haiti

“Blessed to bless.” I remember hearing those words last August as members from my church, Crossroad Community, had just returned from their mission trip to Haiti. I enjoyed hearing about their experiences, and those words have stuck with me. They have so much that ever since hearing that in August, I had considered going on the next trip to Haiti as my church was planning on going again. However, I was unsure about the funding because I knew I did not have the finances myself to go and was too prideful to even think about asking others. So I put it on the back burner.

Then, in February, I  had both of my pastors, Andy and McKeel, inquire whether I had thought about joining the Crossroad Haiti mission team whom would be going this June. I told them I had considered it but was not sure about the financial situation. They encouraged me that if funding was the only thing holding me back to take a step of faith and plan on going on this Haiti mission trip. So I did.

As I took this step of faith, I chose to put $350 of my own money towards the trip. I knew God would have to supply the rest of  the funding if it was indeed His will for me to go to Haiti. So I sent out around eleven letters of support, hoping people would not only support me financially but that they would also pray for the team as preparations for the trip were made.

It is with all this said that I can joyfully say that God has blessed me. I am now fully funded financially for this trip. What is even more amazing is that over half of the money raised was donated by people who I did not even send letters to. Surely, God has been at work. He is currently working on preparing my heart for this trip as it is just a little over a month away. I am looking forward to see what God has in store. Thank you Rick and Acacia St. John, Jim and Linda Brown, Professor Piotrowski, Mike and Laura Hudson, Mike and Beth Lockwood, Ed and Carolyn Hurley, Rick and Susan Cameron, Brian and Tina Bergen, Marcus and Jennifer Schrader, Grandpa and Grandma St. John, Linda Jones, Jeremy Rouse, Chelsea St. John, and Crossroad Community Church. It is because of God’s blessing through you I will now have the opportunity to bless others. Grace and peace through Jesus Christ.

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