Rise Up!

As I find myself nearly two years removed from high school, there has been something I have took notice of in the church. There is a lack in a certain area of ministry within the church. This area is that of young adults. While numerous ministries are devoted to adult men and women as well as elementary, middle school, and high school students, not many ministries are focused on young adults. This has led to a lack altogether in young adults having a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. If this is not enough to convince you, just take a look at a study done by USA Today on young adults ranging from 18-29 years old: 

 65% rarely or never pray with others (38% almost never pray by themselves)
65% rarely or never attend worship services.
67% don’t read the Bible.
50% say Jesus is the only path to Heaven, 50% say He is not the only way

 What is even more disheartening is what the survey revealed of those who “confess Jesus as their Lord and believe they are going to Heaven”:

 68% did not mention faith when asked what was “really important in life”
50% do not attend church at least weekly
36% rarely or never read the Bible
Mere 40% say their responsibility is to share the Gospel

 These statistics should not only alarm us but should challenge the church to do something about it. I am grateful to be part of a church that sees this need and is in the process of starting and growing a young adults group. I am also thankful to God and to the leaders for the opportunity to help lead this group. I believe that there is still hope for this generation. However, if we plan to reach the world for Christ and to make disciples, we, as young adults, need to RISE UP in this generation and be committed to Christ! We need to proclaim real truth. We need to study the real Word. We need to be real. Will you join me?

4 thoughts on “Rise Up!

  1. 52% of the American Population is single. We rarely see singles ministry’s in the church. I can tell you in Indianapolis which has a high rate of church to population ratio, there are about 5-10 groups I am aware of for the whole city. The groups tend to only appear in mega churches. (over 1,000 in size). As I have discussed with church leaders they say things like: young adults are undependable, they come and go too much, they are all in college (not true) and they only come to groups to date then make a mess and leave. I say bunko. Young men when given the opportunity to lead will take ownership of the ministry. They feel the church doesn’t need them except for “fill in” type roles. Let the young men lead! Does it work? Yes, Strange Brew is predominantly male even though the typical group is 5-1 female/male we are the opposite. The group is mixed with ages from 18-30 in general. It’s been going with little leadership effort for two years. Imagine that! Let’s start treating these young adults like the ADULTS that they are.

  2. So true! I am saddened to see the college group at my church practically disappear. While we have a young career-type class, it is not always active and welcoming. Right now I am really enjoying getting into a new Sunday School that is led by one of our elders, but I am the youngest there, probably by at least 5-10 years. And perhaps your and I’s age group aren’t all in college itself, but this age is common for asking questions, seeking, and wanting to find meaning. Unfortunately, the answers they often find are either from lukewarm Christianity or an unbiblical source that woos their heart away from Christ. I know that I struggle with this very thing! It is a fight to stay focused on Him and His plans, but it is possible. Always possible in Christ!

  3. I am grateful and hopeful for my church starting a young adults group. My pastor believes that the group has a lot of potential and sees young adults as an age range that needs to be reached out to in the church. I also have the privelege of being asked to help lead this group. I just pray that this group will be able to formulate and grow and be godly examples to our generation!

  4. Thanks Theron! A good challenge. Here’s another one to think about: are we also neglecting our ministry to the elderly? I wonder if they get overlooked b/c they can never be said to be “the future of the church.” But they are the ones on the shores of eternity. In Bunyan’s “The Pilgrim’s Progress” it was when Christian was “crossing the Jordan” that we needed the most strength…

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